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  • Mathias Vermehren

    BrauXp‘s founder

    Mathias Vermehren, is a Project Manager, experienced Systems Integrator and Freelancer, specializing in providing industrial systems, and developing innovative products and software solutions for customers in the Food and Beverage Industries, such as Brewing, Dairy among others.

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    100% Customer Satisfaction

…The level of service extended by BrauXp to our company was beyond our expectations and had a very positive impact on the final acceptance by our customer.

What particularly impressed me about the service quality provided by Mr. Vermehren was that he did not only finish all required tasks, but used his skills to optimize and troubleshoot already existing sections to increase satisfaction and productivity of brewery operating staff.  All this was done within in a very limited time frame and with very limited information at beginning of his intervention.

It appears that it was simply Mr. Vermehren’s extraordinary commitment to excellence in customer service and support that motivated him to always go the extra mile.

Finally, I believe that Mr. Vermehren truly deserves to be congratulated and rewarded for providing customer service and support on this challenging brewery project.

Andreas Tramm | HanseBev Hamburg

I am convinced that the selection of BrauXp as our Automation Solution Provider for this project was an excellent decision. I personally found Mr. Vermehren not only an exceptional expert in the process automation area, but also a professional and perfectly well organized engineer, which made him a productive and totally assertive partner.

The key to achieving great results in the mentioned project was his outstanding experience, which allowed him to correctly plan the development of the whole project, anticipate future events and immediately propose alternatives to so lve unpredictable situations. The end-user has also provided me with his personal feedback, and has confirmed his total satisfaction with Mr. Vermehren’s involvement in the project.

I also admired the easiness and patience of Mr. Vermehren while transferring technical knowledge to our automation developers, which prepared them well to confidently approach future projects.

I am more than happy to recommend Mr. Vermehren as a Solution Provider for future automation projects, his professionalism, his attention to qu 1ty, a d his in-depth knowledge in the Brewing technology field.

Enmanuel Aparicio | Siemens

While providing his services at our Company, he was committed to the job and followed each issue through its completion, and voluntarily worked extra hours to meet critical deadlines. He provided innovative solutions that improved the quality of our Braumat system and made the engineering very cost effective. He listened to us, the Customer, and understood what we needed and made it happen. For example, he made improvements in the control system of the plate heat exchangers making the cooling process more efficient and reliable.

He prepared a Braumat simulator for our Brewhouse and Fermenting/Maturation and Filtration cellar. The simulator was exactly the same as the Braumat system. With this simulator, we trained the supervisors and operators in Braumat. The documentation provided with the system was complete, detailed, and comprehensible. He took time to demonstrate the concepts and explain the technology so that people understood what was to be accomplished.

Mr. Vermehren accepts challenges and works well with difficult situations. He finds and implements a solution to a complex application. He communicates very well at all levels while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. He takes pride in his work and picks up on new ideas and technologies quickly and implements them in his projects.

We are confident in recommending Mr. Vermehren as a highly skilled and dependable automation engineer.

Carlos Agelvis | Brewmaster