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siemens simatic s7-400 plc

We specialize on BRAUMAT™

the Process Control System from SIEMENS that is the result of more than 30 years of experience and continuous innovation in response to the specific needs of the Brewing Industry.


The ideal Process Control System
for breweries of all sizes.

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Product Overview

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Advanced Routing System

Manage routes and ensure safe transit of product and chemicals (CIP) throughout your plant.

The Route Control System

If you have used electronic route planners (such as Google™ Maps, or MapQuest®), then you already know what we are talking about: You select the starting point and the destination, and perhaps also the shortest/fastest/available path, and our Route Control System provides safe and fast transit of product and chemicals (CIP) throughout your plant.

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Training & Support

Take advantage of a wide array of Services for your BRAUMAT™ Process Control System, including remote emergency response, process improvements, software audits and training.

PCS-Support℠ | PCS-Train℠

We also provide your Operation and Maintenance Personnel with the best BRAUMAT™ training they can get, with high-quality, interactive, hands-on training courses adjusted to your specific requirements.

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Services Overview
Remote Technical Support
On-site Technical Support

PCS-Protect Shield

Protect your PCS

Protect key software assets responsible for controlling your beer production, with PCS-Protect™


Our protection plans include state-of-the-art tools and services to not only backing up your systems, but to provide granular visibility on software changes and prepare you as best as you can be in case disaster strikes.

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PCS-Protect Overview
PCS-Protect Features

simulation joystick

Simulate your PCS

Test for process security, production scenarios and process improvements while training your Operation and Maintenance Personnel, using our amazingly realistic simulation solution PCS-Sim™


PCS-Sim™ uses your existing BRAUMAT™ Process Control System and simulates your process variables (analog and digital I/O) to give you a realistic experience of your automated production process.

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PCS-Sim Overview
PCS-Sim Features

specification documentation

Document & Specify your PCS

Compare “apples-with-apples” when evaluating vendor offerings for your new or retrofitted Process Control System.


Take advantage and let our 20+ years experience guide you in generating meaningful and comparable User Requirement Documents, that will empower you to lead the way to fulfilling the functional requirements of your new Process Control System.

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User Requirements Specs
Function Specifications
Process Descriptions

upgrade retrofit improve

Upgrade, Retrofit, Improve

Efficiently Retrofit, Migrate, Upgrade, Update or Improve your current Process Control System.


Meet international standards (ISA-S88) by using best-of-breed, class-oriented Batch Control Platforms specifically designed to satisfy Brewing Industry requirements.

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Updates | Upgrades
Retrofits | Migrations
Process Improvements


Enterprise Integration

Integrate BRAUMAT™ with MIS/MES/ERP and produce customized production reports.


Enable your Process Control System to communicate up-to-date information from the ongoing production processes to third party systems (MIS/MES/ERP), and avoid errors and time delays associated with manual data entries.

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information and reporting

Information & Reporting

Create actionable reports that simplify maintenance and improve brewing operations.


Make the most out of the data already provided by your Process Control System. By collecting and distilling this information, data can be transformed into actionable reports that simplify maintenance and improve brewing operations.

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